Succulent Joy

Why Succulents?

Research has shown that keeping plants indoors can improve air quality and increase productivity. Being close to nature can also reduce stress, boost immunity, and can even help patients recover from illness more quickly.

Plants Make People Happy

Succulents are good for you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

White wine shot outside. A small cactus is in the background.

Planting Parties

Get your friends together and plan a planting party. It’s easy I bring the pots, plants, dirt and soil coverings to your house. Your guest will select a pot and the plants and we’ll do the planting at the party.

Custom Orders

If planting is not your thing, I can help you with that. Send me an email with a description in mind, and I can make the arrangement for you.

holding succulents

Care Tips

Succulents are the ideal houseplant, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. Learn how to care for them and keep your plants alive and thriving.